3 Things to Love About Jacksonville Military Housing

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Finding a nice place to lay down some roots, definitely isn’t an easy task. There are a lot of things to think about. A million questions to ask. Just the thought of it, may seem stressful. However, Jacksonville Military Housing provides a sense of ease and comfortability. Here are three undeniable things to love about Jacksonville Military Housing:

1. The opportunity to live both on and off base

As far as housing goes in general, there are 430 units, in three different neighborhoods.  If you are looking to live on base, you would be assigned to either Patriots Point or River Oaks, both of which are great. The on base housing offers three-five bedroom single family homes or duplexes with storage sheds and fully equipped kitchens. More interested in off base housing? Ultris Patriot Park is the community for you! From corporate to furnished to shared living, the community is full of beautiful amenities. Regardless of which choice is the right one for you, they both offer a sense of community, and most importantly, a “home.”

2. Resources

One of the best things about Jacksonville Military Housing are the outstanding resources. Both on post and off post, the resources are endless. Everything from on site dentists to preschool and daycare. Even a military hospital. Knowing you don’t have to go far to send your child to school, visit the doctor, or send a letter is an unbelievably comforting feeling. Living within Jacksonville Military Housing, not only offers a sense of relief but allows for you and your family to live a carefree, easy lifestyle. With everything you could possibly need right at your fingertips, why go anywhere else?

3. Sense of Community

Jacksonville Military Housing offers a quality living environment in a classic suburban setting. For starters these neighborhoods are for the most part pet friendly! As all of us pet owners know, if our pets aren’t happy either are we. Looking for great amenities? With Jacksonville Military housing, they’re endless. With everything from public transportation near by and fitness centers, to playgrounds and tot lots. JMH goes beyond the traditional way of life, exceeding all expectations.

Choosing Jacksonville Military Housing is a choice worth making. Home is not just a place, but a feeling, and something everyone dreams of. With so much to love about Jacksonville Military Housing, you can make those dreams come true! So get ready to lay down some roots, start a family, or allow yours to grow. This is home.

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