The Emotional Benefits of Pets

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It is said that we are a nation of animal lovers. Our furry pals are part of the family. They are a welcome addition to any home. Not only are pets often referred to as loyal companions, they can also be a great way to destress. In short, pets can offer a variety of benefits to any household.

Did you know that there are emotional benefits to having pets too? There are many emotional aspects to consider when you are looking at introducing a four legged friend into your home. Considering the many, many emotional benefits is a must.

Benefit 1: Stress Busting

Stress. It can be a killer. But, when you own a pet you are less likely to suffer from stress than your non-pet owning counterparts. It is said that as people who have pets are more likely to exercise. Long dog walks can ensure that you are busting stress as you are indulging in physical exercise. According to recent research, 87% of dog owners feel less stressed than their contemporaries who don’t have a dog.

Benefit 2: Alleviate Depression

Depression can be all consuming. For those who are faced with the daily struggle of depression, you are all too aware of how depression can take over your life. But, those among us who have pets are less likely to be depressed. The reason is simple. Playing with your cat or dog releases dopamine and serotonin. These are our ‘happy chemicals’. Even stroking your animal can release these happy chemicals, which are known to be instant mood lifters.

Benefit 3: Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can be a dangerous illness and it can affect your emotional health too. Due to cats and dogs needing exercise, your blood pressure can actually be reduced by owning a pet. Exercise is a known depression buster, too!

Benefit 4: Companionship

Friendship is essential for humans. We are not solitary creatures, and we like to enjoy other peoples company. But, if you live alone, you may find that you don’t have as much interaction as you would like. A pet can ensure that feelings of loneliness are reduced. What is more, you can ensure that you are feeling happier and more content by having a pet in the home. After all, what is nicer than seeing happy face and a wagging tail when you arrive home from a long day at work? Loneliness can lead to depression, and as such, owning a pet alleviates these emotional issues.

Benefit 5: Lessen Feelings of Anxiety

Feelings of anxiousness can be compounded when you own a pet. Many people feel safer for having an animal in the home, either as a guard dog or a companion. As such, this can ensure that anxiety is lessened, thus making for a happier emotional state of well-being.

Pets bring a lot of joy to many people. Your life and your mental health can be greatly enhanced with the addition of a furry friend to your home.

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