4 Perfect Reasons to Love Jacksonville Naval Air Station Apartments

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In search of an out of this world apartment? Oakleaf Plantation is the perfect place to call home! A great place for military personnel to create a life for themselves as well as their families.

Here are 4 perfect reasons to love Jacksonville Naval Air Station Apartments!


Jacksonville Naval Air Station Apartments is always on your side. Oakleaf is known for helping create a faster and easier moving transition.  After all, it is safe to say this is the perfect place to create your home! Have questions and concerns? The Oakleaf Plantation will have all your questions answered before you even ask.  From the start, they make sure that all of your wants and needs are taken care of. Oakleaf is equipped with a variety of floor plans that are both furnished and unfurnished — you are sure to find a place that best fits you.


When in search for a new apartment, everyone has a few things at the top of their list. As many of us have pets, they become an important priority in our lives, but don’t worry! Oakleaf Plantation welcomes your pet with open arms. At Oakleaf, they understand that a pet is not just a pet, but family!


Location, Location, Location! I can’t possibly say it enough. Jacksonville Military housing is conveniently located right near downtown Jacksonville. This allows for easy access to an endless list of activities. Just minutes away is a variety of restaurants and more shopping than you could ever dream. If you’re not looking to spend your day downtown, that’s okay! The beach is extremely close by. Spend your day basking in the sun or enjoying the waves. You have everything right at your finger tips!


There is nothing quite like feeling like you’re part of the community. Another outstanding reason to love Oakleaf Plantation is the warm, family friendly atmosphere in the area. A safe and secure place to raise a family where both children and adults can create relationships. Community means comfort, and that’s exactly how you’ll feel!

These four reasons are only the beginning of what makes Jacksonville Naval Air Station Apartments such a wonderful place to live. So don’t look any further, this is the perfect place to call home!


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