Great Workout Classes in Jacksonville

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Fitness is really coming around in today’s society, and it’s taking a role of great importance as it should. What better way to get in shape than a fitness class? The four classes below are great ways to get off the couch and lose those extra couple of pounds. Check out some of Jacksonville’s best workout classes in order to keep that beach ready body!

1. Chakra Yoga from InShape Ladies Fitness

Taught by the certified Clara LeBlanc, this classes uses the chakra system and yoga combined to release and clear the path to open blockages that are holding tension, pain, low self esteem, and any imbalances you may be having. The practice of chakra yoga opens and balances your energy that will leave you feeling the difference for days after the class is over.

2. Nothing But Hands from Bittersweet Studios

This is a hands only acro-balancing class that trains skills you can do virtually anywhere. It focuses on exercises on the floor as well as hand-balancing canes. Some of the exercises completed are a one-arm crocs, headstands to handstands, and aerials. This class for everyone, but it does require quite a bit of conditioning while focusing on keeping the correct form through every movement. Sometimes, power yoga poses are incorporated into the class to work on balance and building strength.

3. Boxing Workout from Title Boxing Club

A total body boxing workout will challenge you to go to the next level in fitness while amping up your routine with a workout led by professional trainers. These workouts are one hour long each and are very intense. In order to take this class, you must be prepared to have an hour of fun, completing explosive workouts that targets all the major muscle groups during cardio training. Join this class to get the fat melting off your body!

4. Boot Camps by Fitness Lab Jax

Designed as a workout that will help you lose the most amount of fat in the shortest amount of time possible, Boot Camps are the way to stay fit. It is a circuit workout system that combines cardio, core, and resistance training in order to keep your metabolism burning for hours after workout. Boot Camp is designed for both men and women of all ages who are looking to lose weight or get back into prime cardiovascular shape again. Don’t worry about getting bored because each workout is different in order to challenge yourself constantly with new exercises!

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