Gardening on a Budget: 10 Tips for a Healthy Garden

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Gardening is one of those things that you either loathe or love. Whatever your thoughts on gardening, having a beautiful and neat garden is a must. After all, it ensures that your home looks beautiful. You don’t have to be an expert gardener. But, you do need to consider how you can make your home look lovely all year round.

Gardening, despite what people may think, is not an expensive pastime either. You don’t have to have a mega buck’s budget to have a glorious garden. There are some simple, cost-effective tips that you can use in your home to ensure that you have a healthy, gorgeous garden all the time.

1.    Make Sure That You Check Out All Plants Before Buying Them

When you are investing in plants, always check out the roots. If you see a mass of white roots, your plants are healthy. They will flower accordingly and will thrive in your garden. If you have plants with little roots, the likelihood is that they won’t take to the lawn. So, make sure that you invest in good quality shrubs if you want to maximize their potential and save money in the process.

2.    Re-Use Items in the Home As Quirky Planters

Having a gorgeous garden means having to think outside of the box. Yes, we said it. Use old bags and put drainage holes in. Jam jars and containers make excellent planters. An old tub can look fabulous when painted and styled to perfection. You don’t have to spend a fortune on planters. Look around the home and see what you can use for a budget-friendly garden feature.

3.    Use Cuttings

Cuttings of older plants are a cheap way to keep the plants healthy and your garden luscious.

4.    Start With Seeds

Bulbs can be expensive. And, they are not always of the finest quality. If you want a healthy garden on a shoestring budget, opt for a simple packet of seeds and work from there.

5.    Do Your Research

Checking out the quality of your soil is important. You need to check the acidity levels to ensure that your chosen flowers, plants and trees will thrive. Make sure that you are doing this so that you don’t waste money on items that just won’t grow.

6.    Use Water Sparingly

Water is great for making your garden grow, but you don’t want the area to become water logged. Use water sparingly, from a hose, to ensure that you are saving money and growing a healthy looking lawn.

7.    Cheap Weed Killers Are Just as Good!

Everyone thinks that premium brands of weed killer are more efficient. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s just smart marketing. Cheap, non-brand weed killers will do the job just as effectively. So, save your cash and go for the budget brands.

8.    Start Small

If you are new to the world of gardening, you don’t have to landscape the whole area. Choose a plot or a planter and start a tub garden. That way, you can master the basics before taking on the expanse of the backyard.

9.    Shop Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are miniature archives for the garden. Take a look at what you can pick up. Watering cans, lawn mowers, and even gardening gloves can be purchased for a low price. Why spend out if you don’t have to?

10.    Collect Cool Outdoors Artifacts

You don’t have to stick to classic garden ornaments for a great looking yard. Instead, collect weatherproofed items from a broad range of places. It’s perfect for giving your garden a quirky look.

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