Necessities for New College Students

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As you walk through the grocery stores you see the piles of school supplies. You are probably starting to freak out because you can buy the school supply but this year you have a child going to college and you aren’t sure what to get. You vaguely remember what life was like when you went to college, but you also remember using either a typewriter or a big blocky computer in a lab. With all the kids going off to college in a time a little different from when you went it is hard to be sure what they may need to survive. At any store you go to there will be a list of items that your child will need. Those lists do not always have everything your kid will need or you may think that the store is trying to make you buy useless items. Here is a list of a few items that your child is sure to use and need.

  1. Mattress Pad: Unless you want your child to sleep on what is essentially a brick then consider getting them a little extra cushion.  This will help make the transition into sleeping in a different bed a little easier.

  2. Hangers: This may seem obvious, but when you start help hanging up your child’s clothes you will wonder how they all had fit in their closet originally. Having a few extra hangers will help make sure that all of his or her clothes are in the closet and give them a few extra for when they get the free t-shirts from every club or organization on or near campus.

  3. Clothes for the weather: If your child is going to a college that is in a different state or even a different part of the state there is a good chance that the weather will be different. Before you send them off, check to see what the weather is like at the campus so you don’t hear about him or her walking home in the rain because he or she didn’t have a rain jacket.

  4. Thumbdrive: Having a way to backup all your class assignments is very important

  5. Ibuprofen: Everyone gets headaches and when your child starts walking to and from class there is going to be some muscle pain so have them be prepared.

  6. Command strips and hooks: Your child will want to make the dorm room his or her own and one of the ways to do that is hanging up pictures and posters. With command products you won’t have to deal with possibly damaging the wall and having to pay for when your child moves out.

  7. Odor absorbers for shoes:  Your child is going to do a lot of walking, so prepare for the sweaty shoe stench by getting odor absorbers to make sure your kids feet don’t smell.

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