The Jacksonville Food Truck Scene

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The food truck is a trend that is here to stay. These restaurants on wheels deliver delicious gourmet food quickly. The food truck scene in Jacksonville is really exploding and offers a wide variety of options.

Bacon & Butts

Bacon & Butts believes that bacon can satisfy any palate. This food truck creates southern classics that will immediately please you. The recipes used at Bacon & Butts go back three generations from three different families, providing many options from which to choose. If you are in the mood for southern cooking, bacon, and pork then try the Bacon & Butts food truck now!

Gourmet Aviator

Gourmet Aviator is the winner of the Travel Channel’s American Grilled TV show. This truck is known for combining aviation and food. It started off when the owner wanted to expand his sauce business. Selling his wing sauces soon turned into this truck. At Gourmet Aviator, you can get wings alongside Puerto Rican cuisine. One of the favorites at this truck are the Helipad Sliders, which use mashed plantains fin lieu of buns and pork cooked for 12 hours. Quality is priority here, so stop by!

Up In Smoke BBQ

The owners of Up In Smoke BBQ, Jen and Tom, started this company for the love of food. They use a BBQ sauce recipe that is over 80 years old, so each bite is accompanied by a classic and perfect taste. It is a classic recipe that really makes the brisket, pulled pork, and other dishes amazing. It is never bad to go to a southern BBQ restaurant, so go out and try it out!

Son of a Butcher

Son of a Butcher combines two loves – surfing and outstanding food. The menu consists of great cuts of meat to create amazing sandwiches. Along with the meat, there are a number of seafood options. There is a rotating menu here and each item is amazing and you will want to try every one!

Bold City Pops

With the Florida heat, it’s always a good idea to cool off with some ice pops. Bold City Pops is just the place to go for refreshing pops. These pops are are handcrafted using fresh seasonal handpicked ingredients. Along with delicious freshness, they are also bold. One of these bold ice pops is the pineapple jalapeno. If you want a different type of bold, try peach mojito. These fresh and bold flavored ice pops are sure to cool you off.  

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